Roya Aryanpad is an award-winning director/producer. Her personal and professional motivation exemplifies the drive she has to be a successful leader.

Born in Shiraz-Iran, and journeying to Pakistan, Australia, and America, Roya has always been passionate and tenacious. From maintaining exceptional academic grades in school to setting new standards during her corporate career in Information Technology, working diligently to excel is entrenched in her DNA.

After working for more than a decade as a software engineer in Australia and the U.S., her passion to be a filmmaker superseded her desire to maintain a standard way of life. In her effort to live her best life, she left the stability of Corporate America in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream to be a filmmaker. Roya began her film studies at UCLA Extension and Los Angeles City College, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2011.

She has since had a successful transition from the corporate world and made her way into filmmaking. From 2010 to 2013, Roya made short documentaries on subjects of sustainability, energy efficiency, and education. In 2011, she formed her film production company, Dream Benders Productions.

Under the banner of Dream Benders, Roya has directed and produced the award winning short film Jacob Stone. This socially conscious short drama has elevated Roya to a remarkable and distinguished place as a woman in film. Jacob Stone has been the official selection of 18 international film festivals, and has received many awards including: “Best Dramatic Short Film Gold Award” from WorldFest Houston Film Festival- 2016, Best U.S. “Short Film Award” from Laughlin International Film Festival- 2015, “Silver Award” from Spotlight Short Film Awards-2015, “Best U.S. Short Film Audience Award” from Catalina Film Festival-2015, and “Best Drama Award” from the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards-2015, with 8 other nominations including the Best Director, and Best Picture.

Roya has been featured in a number of TV, radio, and Internet interviews, including “Voice Of America”, “Tapesh TV”, “Backstage Mic”, “KIRN-670AM”, “Examiner.com”, “MyBurank.com” and “Asheghaneh Magazine”.

She has written a full-length drama/action screenplay, based on her experiences as a teenager growing up in Iran, and her family’s escape after Iran’s Islamic Revolution. She currently has two feature-length drama screenplays in development.

Having recently returned to Australia, Roya’s core focus is to draw from her rich life experiences to direct films she is passionate about. The injustices that she experienced as a teenager living during the Islamic revolution in Iran as well as lack of opportunities for women, has galvanized Roya’s desire to make a difference. She is dedicated to changing the paradigm of social injustice that exists in the world. By sharing her stories, Roya hopes to create an experience of admiration, inspiration and happiness that audiences connect with, and make a lasting impression in culture and cinema.
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